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Hex and the City

Sep 5, 2021

Monday brings in that powerful new moon in Virgo and many of us are feeling that familiar "you better work" virgo vibe. Whether it's new projects, goals, or initiatives that we had previously put on the backburner, this week and the new moon will bring in lots of inspiration.

We are still working with the Virgo ruled Hermit, reminding us the louder the outside noise gets, the more we need to trust our inner GPS. We also have the Big Throat Chakra energy of the Mercury-ruled magician reminding us that the throat chakra is an undeniably powerful weapon, but one that needs to be utilized with kindness and consciousness.

This week also brings work with the 10 of swords which asks us not to be tempted by second-guessing and analysis paralysis but to trust our intuition and cut out what needs to be removed swiftly and efficiently. This week brings in the Jupiter in Capricorn ruled two of Pentacles reversed. This means we may feel a bit overwhelmed and overcommitted so we need to ask ourselves to move out of our default comfort zone to recalibrate our schedule with some much-needed self-love.

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