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Hex and the City

Sep 12, 2021

This week, host Cardsy B dives into the Moon in Libra ruled 2 of Swords presenting a crossroads but also reminding us that even if there are two seemingly opposing options, aspects of both are likely able to be utilized. However, when trying to access the right solution to this crossroad, you will be required not just the intellect of the swords and the weighing and balance of its libra ruling, but also the placement of the moon, also known as our inner guidance system. This will allow us to see a solution that we may have previously glossed over.

Also this week, we delve into "high vibe prepping" with Katie Belfi who merged her FEMA Emergency Management background with her comprehensive wellness practice to offer Readiness & Resilience practices that bolster individual and community wellness through resilience and preparedness for the unknown.

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