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Hex and the City

Jun 26, 2022

Professional Golfer Turned you Tube psychic sensation Jennifer Neville joins us to talk about her journey into the metaphysical world and some insight on what to look forward to in Cancer season. I also share a powerful Cancer new moon scrying ritual and Black Lavender Lemonade Elixir.

Jun 19, 2022

We move through the last week of Gemini season and working with the The Lovers, 6 of Cups and The Magician. We also welcome the summer solstice with a fire and water ritual paying homage to the Sun and beginning of the cardinal water energy of Cancer season as well as a Solar Blast elixir. We also work with the energy...

Jun 12, 2022

We're moving through June with the Lovers and Magician more activated than ever as Mercury's shadow period ends this week. We also dive into a Full Moon in Sagittarius transformation spell as well as a Butterfly Peaflower Wheel of Fortune Elixir.